Let’s Get Some Rest

Camping is available at the Outlet Park just feet from the race.  Accommodations are listed from closest to farther distance from race. If you do vacation in the Pomme de Terre Lake area, a variety of campgrounds, resorts, and other service areas await you and your family. There are more than a dozen resorts and local owned motels, a number of parks for recreational vehicles, and five marinas for boaters. Nearly every campsite and park has a ramp area for launching your boat, including several that are managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. MAKE RESERVATIONS EARLY THIS IS A BIG HOLIDAY WEEKEND!

Campgrounds/RV Parks

  • At Race site – Corp of Engineers Outlet Park, Hwy 254 on North side of the Dam, Hermitage, Reservation InformationCorp Site
  • Less than 1/2 mile – Harbor Campground & RV Park, Hwy 254 on the South side of the Dam, Hermitage, (417) 745-6363, website
  • 1 1/2 miles – Damsite Park, East of the Dam on Hwy 254, Hermitage, Reservation InformationCorp Site
  • 3 1/2 miles – Hermitage Campground & different location than the main Pittsburg Park, East & South of the Dam just off Hwy 64 [watch for brown state park sign] turn right off of Hwy 64, websiteReservation Information
  • 4 1/3 miles – Wheatland Park, West of Dam to Triangle Gas Station Rd # 205, follow asphalt & signs, Reservation informationCorp Site


  • 1 7/10 mile – Sunflower Resort, Hwy 254 West of Dam to Rd #242, (417) 282-6235 / (800) 258-5260, website
  • 1 8/10 miles – Clearlight Inn, East of Dam Hwy 254 @ Carson’s Corner, Hermitage, (417) 745-2500, website. Modern, clean inn with single king or double queen rooms.
  • 2 miles – Willow Winds Resort, Hwy 254 West of Dam to Rd #242, (417) 282-5591 / (800) 556-5591, website
  • 2 1/10 miles – Lakeview Lodge, East of Dam Hwy 254 turn South on CR#295, Hermitage, (417) 745-6485, website
  • 2 1/2 miles – Pelican Inn, Hwy 254 West of Dam Rd# 273 Alt in downtown Galmey, (417) 282-5937
  • 3 6/10 miles – Stillwater Resort, West of Dam near the Triangle Gas Station CR#203, (417) 282-6241, website 

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