• Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my race entry? No, this is a no frills event. We need emergency information to be valid and correct for each runner.

Is there a pre-race briefing? No, we will announce trail details before the gun. There will be trail maps available provided by the Corp of Engineers. 

When & Where can I pick up race numbers? Packets can be picked up on race morning from 7:00-7:30 AM, it will have your bib number.

When does the race begin? Promptly at 7:45 AM.

Can I change my race time? Sure, we’re out there to have a good time. We aren’t chip timing this event. If you are signed up for the 1 hour, you could start running at 12:45 PM and finish at 1:45 PM. Same goes for the 3 hour, you start at 10:45 AM.

Can my dog run or walk with me? Yes, pets are allowed but require a leash during the entire event.

Can I have a drop bag? Yes. Please put your name on the outside of the bag.

Will my cell service work? There is a cell tower North of the course. Verizon has a few small dead zones within the 3-mile loop. AT&T and Smarttalk are other local service providers but not sure if Sprint, T-Mobile, or others providers will work.

What if I get hurt? Alert someone immediately that you need medical help. Our nearest hospital is 30+ miles away but we will have contact an ambulance to assist.

What if I’m done walking or running early? We want you to get as much time out there as possible. As a courtesy, let the race director know so I don’t send out a search party for you.

Didn’t find your question here? e-mail me at luv2run400@yahoo.com or fill out the form on the Contact Us page

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